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List of Research Project 2016


1.       NMRR-14-1064-21877: National Health and Morbidity Survey 2015 (Dr Muhammad Fadhli as PI)

2.     MRR-13-726-16391: My Body is Fit and Fabulous at Home: An Intervention Study to Combat Obesity among Housewives Living in Klang Valley (MyBFF@Home) (Dr Noor Safiza / Pn Rashidah as PI)

3.       MRR-13-13-1369-18689: A Study on Determination of Cause of Death (Dr Mohd Azahadi as PI)

4.       NMRR-14-400-19213 : Understanding the Health, Economic, and Long-term Social Impact of Injuries (HEALS) in Malaysia (Dr Muhammad Fadhli   as PI)

5.       NMRR-14-1092-22256: Health Status of Malaysian Population: Findings from Screening At MOH Primary Care Clinics. (Norhafizah Bt Sahril as PI)

6.      NMRR-14-1193-22626. Kajian Keberkesanan Pelaksanaan Program “KOMUNITI SIHAT, PERKASA NEGARA” (KOSPEN) di Malaysia – Fasa 1-2014 (Lim KH as PI)

7.       NMRR-15-511-25359: National Health and Morbidity Survey (NHMS) 2015-2016: Maternal and Child Health (Dr Noor Ani as PI)

8.      NMRR-15-1290-25981: Determination of dietary salt intake among Ministry of Health Staff (My Salt 2015) ( Cheong Siew Man / Fatimah Othman as PI)

9.       Tobacco and E-cigarette Survey among Malaysian Adolescent 2016 (Dr Abdul Aiman Abdul Ghani as PI)

10.   Prevalence and Pattern of E-cigarette and Vape Use among Malaysia Adults (Dr Muhammad  Fadhli Mohd Yusoff –co PI)


List of Planning Research Project 2016

1.      Evaluation of Effectiveness of Community Sihat Perkasa Negara (KOSPEN Programme Phase 2) (Hasimah Ismail as PI)

2.      Postnatal Depression: Malaysia ASPIRE Project (Dr Noor Ani Ahmad as PI)

3.      NHMS 2017 – preparation  (Dr Muhammad Fadhli as PI)

4.      Global School Health Survey – (Dr Noor Ani Ahmad)

5.      National Burden Disease of Analysis  (Dr Mohd Azahadi as PI)



Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam
National Institutes of Health MAMPU
MyGovernment MSC Malaysia
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