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National Health & Morbidity Survey (NHMS)

The NHMS has been an important platform for monitoring the health of the population in Malaysia.The objectives of the NHMS are to provide community-based data on the pattern of common health problems, health service utilisation and health expenditure in the community. Findings of the NHMS support the Ministry of Health to review the priorities and activities of the health programme, to plan for future allocation of resources and to evaluate the impact of strategies.

The NHMS (NHMS I) was first initiated in 1986 and was conducted at interval of once every 10 years. In 1996, the NHMS II was then conducted, followed by the NHMS III in 2006. However, since 2011, the interval was shortened from 10 years cycle to 4 years to ensure that more recent data and information can be used for the planning of health programmes. The NHMS IV (2011-2014) consists of NHMS 2011, NHMS 2012: Global School-Based Student Health Survey, NHMS 2014: Malaysian Adult Nutrition Survey 2014 (MANS).

NHMS V (2015-2018)

The current cycle is NHMS V (2015-2018).The NHMS 2015 covers most of the modules in NHMS 2011 especially on health care demands, non-communicable diseases (NCD), risk factors of the non-communicable diseases and other additional modules such as Mental Health, Anaemia, Disability, Tuberculosis, Dengue, Leprosy, Health Literacy and Traditional & Complementary Medicine. A total of 10,000 randomly selected living quarters (LQ) were involved in the data collection which has been completed successfully in June 2015. NHMS 2015 report is available in this website.

Institute for Public Health continue moving on to the new scope on maternal and child health (MCH), where NHMS: MCH 2016 took action. This survey focused on children under 5 years and their mothers aged 15-49. The objectives are to assess children under 5 on immunisation coverage, infant feeding status, child development, autism and the common morbidities. While for mothers, this survey will focus on antenatal coverage, birth history, postnatal care and pre-pregnancy care. There were 16,000 randomly selected households nationwide with estimated 48,000 respondents. This survey involved face-to-face interviews by trained research assistants and nurses from the Ministry of Health, self-administered questionnaires for mothers, child’s developmental assessment and measurement of height and weight for children under 5 years. Data collection was completed in May 2016.

NHMS 2017

NHMS 2017 will be targeting adolescent population in Malaysia. The main scopes are adolescent health and nutrition.

Adolescent Health Survey (AHS) is collecting data on health-risk behaviour which may lead to an illness such as alcohol; drug and tobacco use, poor hygiene care, physical inactivity, sexual behaviours, violence and unintentional injury. Other risk factors for mental health problems such as suicidal behaviours, depression, anxiety and stress will be explored including internet addiction. In addition, it also looks at the protective factors which may prevent adolescent from the risky behaviour and unhealthy environment such as peer support, parental connectedness and supervision. The adolescent health questionnaires were developed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and have been used widely in many other countries in the world.

Nutrition Survey will be covering the nutritional status, meal pattern, behavioural modification on body weight, supplement intake, meal intake, habitual food and dietary intake, the understanding and the use of nutrition labelling among Malaysian adolescents aged 10-17 years.

This is a cross sectional study among school students in Malaysia aged 10 to 17 years. A total of 313 schools were randomly selected based on the 2016 sampling frame from the Educational Planning and Research Division (EPRD), Ministry of Education. There are about 44,000 school students will be involved in this survey. This survey had obtained the approval from the Medical Research and Ethic Committee, Ministry of Health as well as Ministry of Education and was registered with NMRR-16-698-30042.

Data collection will be conducted in March until May 2017 by 36 teams of data collectors. Students will be answering 2 sets of self-administered questionnaires within 1 to 2 hours. A sub sample of 2000 students aged 10-17 years will be interviewed for habitual foods intake, while another 1400 students aged 13-17 years for 24 hours diet re-call. The weight and height measurements will be conducted concurrently using the standard tool.

Data will be managed by the central team together with the quality-control process. The survey report should be completed at the end of 2017.

NHMS 2015-2018 Coordinator:

Dr. Muhammad Fadhli Mohd Yusoff


Principal Investigators:

Adolescent Health : Dr S Maria Awaluddin

Adolescent Mental Health : Mr Mohamad Aznuddin Bin Abd Razak

Nutrition Survey : Pn Ruhaya Salleh


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